I am a marketing and branding strategist with a talent for connecting strategy with clear messaging and impactful design. As a marketing director, consultant, and independent business owner, I’ve spent my career helping businesses get noticed and reach new heights. I have led international corporations to gain a foothold in the American marketplace, I have promoted products to iconic success through QVC, and I have helped private businesses and NGO’s refine their messaging and define their brand. I know what makes marketing stick - and how to avoid the pitfalls that hurt so many organizations.

As the founder of Nimbl Brands (previously Pacific Link, Inc.,) I save our clients money and time lost on ineffective marketing. I pour passion into every project – brainstorming creative brand strategies, clarifying brand messaging, infusing marketing campaigns with punch and leading workshops that connect and inspire.

I speak on marketing/brand strategy and have been featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Entrepreneur Magazine and other publications. A committed nonprofit leader and volunteer, I am the recent past president of CISV International, Building Global Friendship, Philadelphia Chapter, a 501(c)3 peace education nonprofit.


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